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B2B Lead Finders provides the most cost effective B2B leads to grow your business. With a 9-year track record of helping B2B companies grow with qualified leads, B2B Lead Finders has consistently been recognized as a top B2B lead generation company through awards. Our B2B Lead services bring you one step closer to your next closed sale. That’s because we don’t look for leads, we find customers for you.

Proudly associated with over 500 global companies in the last 9 years, we’ve helped our clients grow in a way that’s sustainable, measurable and effective. B2B Lead Finders is considered among very few best organisations when it comes to B2B Lead Generation services. Our strict adherence to highly personalised, manual and multi-layer verification processes has enabled us to provide services that can grow companies along their path towards growth and sales.

Our Goal

We are committed to providing best quality work with highest standards of accuracy. Our vision of helping B2B companies optimise sales, get target leads and deliver quality services is only getting bigger. We stand out as global leaders when it comes to B2B Lead Generation, Data Mining, Prospect Listing, and List Building for B2B clients.

Why is email list building important?

Email list building is crucial for effective email marketing for an obvious reason – the bigger your contact list, the bigger the conversion rate opportunities. The more people receive your emails, the higher are your chances of generating sales revenue and achieving your other business objectives.

Our Team’s

Altiam Kabir

Md Altiam Kabir

Founder & CEO

The Founder & CEO of the company, Md Altiam Kabir is a Top Rated Plus Freelancer at Upwork (World’s Largest Work Marketplace), He completed over 1000 projects and had been working for 500+ international clients over the years.
Mizanur Rahman

Mizanur Rahman

Marketing Director

Sumon Kabir


Sarwar Ahmed

Sarwar Ahmed

Project Manager

Shaon Kabir


Shovon Arafat

HR Manager

Nataliya Stepulev


Why Hire Us

8 reasons that make us hire and client friendly

Numbers Speak

B2B Lead Finders has now successfully completed 10000 projects, and counting. We’ve now worked with companies of different sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 organisations, as well as from a wide range of industries and geographic areas.

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